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While much of the current infatuation with 'spiritual practices' is rather thin, in reclaiming chastity as a spiritual discipline Winner gives substance to the notion of practice and thereby gives substance to the notion of church.
Real Sex, however, is far from an uncomfortable, prudish lecture about the evils of the body.
Winner, author of the critically acclaimed memoir Girl Meets God, weaves an intriguing tapestry from sociological, autobiographical, pastoral, and historical threads.In a straightforward and conversational style, Winner shares her own sexual history and speaks frankly about often-taboo topics such as pornography and masturbation.Org "Lauren Winner exposes the half-truths the church and the world have told us about sex.Trade traffic, buy and, sale traffic, adults only!Real Sex is very impressive overall, thanks to Winner's honesty and humility.Lauren Winner tackles this topic with wit and a directive to confront cultural lies about sex and challenge how we talk about it at Church.A must read for those who are single, whether they're 13."-Matthew McNutt, YouthWorker Journal"An attempt to craft a theologically based and culturally aware case for returning sex to what Winner believes is its divinely intended place: marriage.This is your chance to dive head first into an endless stream of the most perverted voyeur videos in the world.

Read Real voyeur campus sex caught on hidden cameras Sex to help you engage the immediacy and earthiness of sexuality and spirituality today."-Wayne.
Real Sex is always honest, sometimes profound, and hip enough to give to your teenage daughter.
Instead of do's and don'ts, Winner develops a rich theology of the body and of marital sex, and in addition to listing some of the lies that contemporary culture tells about sex, she lists the lies that the church tells about sex.
54 Videos 211 Videos 977 Videos 22 Videos 3274 Videos Videos 89 Videos 141 Videos 51 Videos 154 Videos 24122 Videos 9 Videos 97 Videos 1081 Videos 1794 Videos 5 Videos 85 Videos 808 Videos 3 Videos 851 Videos 1 Videos 42 Videos 10 Videos.She systematically works her way through all the arguments, demonstrating God's plan for sexuality in the place of marriage and the beauty of chastity as a spiritual discipline.Rather than simply stating how we are to be, Winner paints a beautiful picture of why God's plan truly is best.The candor with which Winner writes about sex may alarm some Christian readers, but those who follow her arguments to their conclusions will find themselves rewarded with fresh insights about an overdiscussed but still deeply entrenched problem among Christians.As someone who made a name for herself defending a Christian's right to sex outside of marriage, it was powerful to read of her own transformation in thought and rebuttal to herprevious beliefs.Anyone interested in staying sexually pure or helping others in the church do so will find much food for thought in this intriguing book."-Kathryn Atwood, Having Church"Winner's broader theme, about shifting our focus from the individual to the community, is compelling and well-made, refreshingly free.A remarkable resource!"m"This book is a delight.This book is a great resource for pastors and congregations.To leave this website click here.It packs a real punch in a slender package."-Kathy Shaidle, Catholic Register"Lauren Winner wrote Real Sex for the whole Christian community (as well as for singles) in order to provide helpful tools and resources about chastity.